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Achievement is Discontinuous

To this date, schema-dts is the only side-project I have that achieved better-than-moderate success. It took several hours between the time I had the idea for schema-dts and when I had a reasonably working v0.1. I pulled an all-nighter--something that I hate doing and would never recommend--not out of sheer passion, but because: I knew how rare a moment of inspiration is, and I knew that if I…

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"But How Do I Actually Start?" Making Games on Your Own as an Engineer

In the Unity for Software Engineers series, I give an accelerated introduction to game development in Unity. Subscribers have been following this series over the past few months, often suggesting areas to cover or elaborate on. A few months ago, a reader — also a software engineer — reached out to me (lightly edited, emphasis mine): The biggest unknown for me is: How do I start? What does the…

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Unity Short: Building User Interfaces

For the third and final "short" of this week's Unity for Software Engineers , I give an overview of building in-game User Interfaces in Unity. As a reminder, this week's installment is packaged as a series of short-form outlines, introducing readers to the breadth of the Unity toolkit. Just like rendering and the Input System , Unity has a few technologies that can be used to render UI in a…

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Unity Short: Physics Raycasting

Continuing the "shorts" week in the Unity for Software Engineers series, today we'll be discussing Unity's Physics Raycasting . As a reminder, this week is packaged as a series of short-form overviews, introducing readers to the breadth of the Unity toolkit. Raycasting is Unity's way of checking collisions between objects in the scene and an invisible ray with a given geometry. Raycasting…

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Unity Short: Pathfinding with NavMesh

For the 10 th installment of Unity for Software Engineers , we'll be doing things a bit differently. Instead of a single long-form article going in-depth on a single topic, I will be releasing a collection of short-form overviews over the course of this week. The goal: introduce readers to a breadth of the Unity toolkit. Pathfinding with NavMesh Pathfinding is a common system in video games…

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