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I use a few third-party tools for analytics, ads, and affiliate marketing that might have privacy implications you care about:

  • Google Analytics: To understand which articles and promotion techniques are working on my site, I use Google Analytics to track page view, active user, and referrer information on this blog.

    I do my best to make sure this tracking is conscious of your privacy. I disable sharing with third parties in my Google Analytics settings, but I have two data sharing modes enabled:

    1. Sharing with Google products & services. This allows me to use Google’s Insights service, and maintain Spam Detection services.
    2. Benchmarking. I contribute anonymized data to an aggregate data set to understand data trends.
  • Affiliate Marketing Links: Another means of monetization is the use of affiliate marketing links. In particular, I use:

    1. The Unity Affiliate Program for Asset Store links, etc. You can look for ?aid=... as a URL parameter in Unity-related links to see the affiliate links I use. You can simply strip out this URL parameter if you prefer not to use my affiliate link.

    2. Amazon Associates affiliate program. All amzn.to/... links on my site are affiliate links. I always include the name of the product I’m linking to, and you can search for it to find a non-affiliate version.

Why do I use these tools? Because I’d like to monetize my work. I put in a lot of time writing here (when I have the motivation), and while it’s largely a labor of love, I also wish to monetize my time and effort. Right now the revenue from these sources is negligible, but I’d like to get to a point where writing is a significant part of my earnings.

I’d love to do better on tracking. Please reach out to me on hello@eyas.sh if there’s an improvement to the privacy story that you’d like to see.

This blog is not Ad-supported right now, but has been at various points of its existence. I will never install Ad-blocker detection libraries on my website, and you are more than welcome to use an Ad-blocker to disable Ads, Analytics, and Affiliate linking, as you see fit. If you do use an Ad-blocker, but still enjoy my content, consider leaving a contribution on BuyMeACoffee.