I’m Eyas Sharaiha, a Jordanian software engineer, living in New York, NY. 
I have been writing in and maintaining this blog on-again off-again since my high school years. Over the years, I got to acquire and develop a sharp interest and a sense of activism in serious matters of the world. I’m drawn to social justice topics, U.S. politics, and Middle East politics.

Jordan, the Middle East, and the Arab World

Starting this blog as a High School student born and raised in Jordan, I wanted to discuss issues central to my region, it’s conflicts, and society. I had fallen in love with my country; I felt humbled by the warmth of its people; and I felt proud of the identities and heritage that came with it.

I strive in writing this to paint a picture of Jordan and the Middle East as I see and experience it. When I started this blog, I hoped to do my best to reflect the beauty, warmth, and glory of my misunderstood home. Over the years, and with distance, my feelings often oscillated, sometimes gaining depth and sometimes losing it. While I feel less strongly about the reputational aspect of writing about Jordan and the Middle East, I’m still as convinced as ever that much of the west misunderstands my home. Perhaps by reading this you will see some of what I see, and what I sense.


I’m a Software Engineer as a day job, and a concerned citizen all year round. I love to think about technology, improve the state of diversity & inclusion in the tech world, and tinker whenever I get the time.

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  1. wow .. Nice to read a blog which tries to bring the real picture of Jordan and Middle east .
    i am not only going to read , am gonna “Study” your blog to understand this perspective¬†

    Keep the Good work On 

  2. and you sound like one of the young generation blabbering of stuff they don’t understand just because in their naive sense the world is a dandy place, the picture of Jordan is distorted brother, get a life instead.

  3. Great blog! As a student of Middle East politics, I found many things I learned reaffirmed by your blogs.

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