This blog is maintained by Eyas Sharaiha, a Jordanian software engineer, living in New York, NY. Eyas earned an S.B. in Computer Science & Engineering from MIT in 2013 and an M.Eng. in 2014. Born and raised in Amman, Eyas had the chance to acquire and develop a sharp interest and a sense of activism in serious matters of the world. He is drawn to Middle East politics and is passionate about establishing a just peace that puts an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict; such views were refined and emboldened by defining experiences, experiences which inspire hundreds every year to remember that empathy towards others is contingent only on our shared humanity, and need not be subdued by conflicts or tensions.

Jordan, the Middle East, and the Arab World

In love with my country, humbled by the warmth of its people, yet proud of my identity and heritage, I hope to discuss issues which are central to my region, its conflicts, and its society. With love and caring also comes ardor; at times I will praise and clear misconceptions, and at others I will have the impulse to criticize and beg for change.

I shall strive while writing, to paint a picture of Jordan and the Middle East as I see it and experience it, and will do my best to reflect the beauty, warmth, and glory of my misunderstood home. Perhaps by reading this you will see some of what I see, and what I sense.


Technology is another passion of mine, as it has enabled continued exponential growth in many aspects of our lives. I also hope to find the time to share some of my thoughts on relevant topics.


Having completed my formal education, I try to continue learning through online education. I am a MOOC enthusiast and a big fan of edX, Khan Academy, and the like. In my free time, when I am not pursuing social or leisurely activities, I am either learning or working on toy programming projects.

I love to crack lame jokes, cannot live without my friends, and absolutely in awe of my family.

Happy surfing,