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Writing a React Table of Contents Component

Last year, I wrote about migrating this blog to Next.js. It ended up being a huge post, so I wrote a <TOC> React component to make it more navigable. You can also see the TOC in action on this page:

The bulk of the logic for this component is based on Emma Goto’s great examples in her ”How to build a table of contents in React”, with a few improvements worth discussing. If you haven’t yet, go read that post! Emma does a great job showing both the final working solution and explaining the thinking behind it step-by-step.

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Migrating this Blog to Next.js from Gatsby

In February 2020, I migrated this blog from WordPress to Gatsby. Using Gatsby also allowed me to switch from hosting my site on a paid plan on SiteGround to a (usually free) plan on Netlify.

The migration made sense to me at the time: static-site generation was all the rage, and Gatsby was the exciting new thing. It promised better performance and improved my authoring workflow with Markdown and React. Saving a few dollars a month on hosting didn’t hurt either.

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