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Using Animations in Unity

In solo game development, you can't just stick to your strong suit. If you're a Software Engineer trying out solo game development, being a solid developer will only get you so far; even if you're using assets made by others, you'll still need to know how to integrate them into your game tightly. Animation is a great example. Imagine a character model has animations for walking, running, standing…

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Translating your Development Toolkit to Unity

Whether you're a backend, UI, web, or full-stack developer, much of the Software Development toolkit looks similar. Even when the exact tools are different, the toolkit translates intuitively between fields: version control systems, debugging and profiling tools, editors and language servers, and package managers work together similarly. What do these tools like when developing software and games…

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Audio in Unity

Let's talk about all the ways you can play and manage audio in your game. Audio makes an interesting topic; it's relatively easy to get some audio playing in your game, but it's often unclear how to move from the simplest use case to a slightly more complex one. This is Unity for Software Engineers , a series for those seeking an accelerated introduction to game development in Unity. More is…

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Rendering Essentials in Unity, for Software Engineers

While most Software Engineers interested in game development will be most excited about the programming aspect of making a game, you'll need some familiarity with graphics, animation, and sound to be successful. This is especially true if you're trying to work solo. While a wealth of assets and resources are available in the Asset Store (especially when it comes to reasonably-priced paid…

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Understanding Unity Engine Objects

We already discussed Game Objects and Components as two of the fundamental building blocks of the Unity Engine. Today, we'll discuss their programmatic representation. This is Unity for Software Engineers , a series for folks familiar with software development best practices seeking an accelerated introduction to Unity as an engine and editor. More is coming over the next few weeks, so…

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