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The most irresponsible article opinion piece I’ve ever seen, by far was on Ammon today, entitled “The Cost of 15 mins in the bathroom“, poking fun at the government’s restriction of general internet access to increase productivity. The article goes as follows:

By government calculations, the cost of each employee spending 15 minutes in the bathroom would reach JD 17.5 million per year.

The idea, of course, alluding to the government’s calculations of 1 hour spent by government employees browsing the Internet costs the government JD 70 million per year, leading Prime Minister Samir Rifai’s government to block access to over 48 websites from the internal network at all ministries and public agencies.

The logic is purely flawed. Browsing the computer while working is a non-essential activity and a waste of time. It is a distraction. Going to the bathroom is an essential need for an employee and helps them be in a better condition to do their task.

I hope AmmonNews engages in more responsible editorialism in the future, pointing out issues that actually matter, instead of attacking the government for good moves.

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  1. Thanks Eyas for your perspective. The piece you quoted is not an article, but a translation of the text written in Arabic on the cartoon and background information for those who don't know to get the satirical intention of the cartoon.

    We appreciate your perspective, and value your constructive criticism.

    Ammon News English Editorial Team

  2. Thank you for comment.

    I do realize it was an editorial opinion piece and you are right in pointing out I was mistaken in calling it an “article” in the body of my post (which will be corrected). I do appreciate satire but felt the post reflected more of an opinion piece than a translation of a caricature (and felt the opinion itself suffered from unsound logic when voicing itself).

    Criticizing the government, whether in a satirical context or a serious one is crucial, I hope that is understood. My disappointment towards recent “moves” however stems from what I feel is the attacking of a non-issue, perhaps best described in the Arabic article previously written.

  3. Hey Eyas,

    It´s been a long time since you’ve posted, I expect you are a bit busy these few months. Well, first of all, I apologize for adding this irrelevant comment here; Yet, I felt that it might be more evident to you if I added it in your most recent post. I just wanted to say that Jordanian elections are near which in return reminded me of a post I read at your blog where you pointed out an article given by the MIT Political Science Faculty ( I guess) that discusses the misrepresentation of the opposition in our parliament. Well unfortunately, your hopes for a brighter future in our Jordanian Parliament might not be quite met this year as just one day ago, HRW called on Jordan to legitimize the opposition since the authorities had made several series of censorship and arrests against several opposition parties. Hope you blog about it soon.

    With Regards,
    Ghadi Lutfi

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