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I Still Dislike My Home Work Setup (and I don't know what to do about it)

Six months in, I still hate my work from home setup. I can't be the only one with problems, but my inability to figure this out makes it feel like it. This is either a rant or a plea for help; I can't decide which. Of course what lies ahead is a collection of complaints about good problems to have: the fact that I find switching between a home/personal setup annoying is enabled by the fact…

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My Journey Through Tech Volunteering: Anticipation, Passion, Burnout, and Looking Ahead

I had been working in New York City for just over a year when I sat down at one of my favorite cafes in my neighborhood to write a personal journal entry. I gave it the title "On the crossroads between goal-oriented and process-oriented" and I wrote down stream-of-consciousness reflections on my life, career, and how I wanted to do things differently. It was October 2015, and I had finished…

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